We invite you for an adventurous walk through the streets of Prague. Together with an experienced guide, you will find out where the enigmatic Golem is hidden.

Imagine that one day, you discover a secret map on which the Golem is drawn.

What if this map hides a key unlocking the place where this giant mde of clay has been buried?

The only way to find out the answer is to follow the signs of the mysterious map.

Listen to the old Prague stories and uncover the secrets that have been hidden for almost 500 years.

Turn your walk in Prague into an adventurous game based on the legend of Golem.

Play the interactive game In Search of Golem. 

At this moment, our game and the hunt for the Golem starts.

Join us and seek the place where the Golem may be hidden for centuries.

The walk starts at the entrance of the Prague Castle and ends nearby the Old Town Square. Divided into nine stops, the walk stretches across 3 km and takes almost 2.5 hours. 

At the end of the walk, you will discover one of the underground premises in the Old Town of Prague. A certified English-speaking guide will navigate you through the whole game and the walk.

During the game you will pass by these Prague monuments:

St Vitus Cathedral

Charles Bridge

Kampa Island

St Nicholas Church

Prague Castle – Spanish Hall

view from the Prague Castle terrace

statue of St John of Nepomuk

Church of Our Lady beneath the Chain

Each of the stops will bring you to a remarkable site you will learn more about thanks to captivating stories related to the place in question. All stories are twined together into an imaginary tale showing the players where the legendary Golem may be hidden.

Take the whole family and set out for an adventurous walk set in the old Prague in the magical times of the Habsbourg emperor Rudolph II. for whom Rabbi Loew created Golem. Listen to the mysterious stories told by a certified guide and reveal the secret of the legendary Golem. Let the cryptic map navigate your steps and follow its signs.

During the walk, children will learn to work with the map which will certainly come in handy for your further adventures and family trips. On top of that, you will enjoy interesting pieces of information and many stories you may have not known. A big surprise awaits  you in the Old Town underground at the very end of the walk.

A surprise awaits you in the underground at the very end of the walk.

We are looking forward to unraveling the secret of the famous Golem together!

5 reasons to play the interactive game In Search of Golem?

Suitable for children from 5 years of age.

The price for the game In Search of Golem is per person (450 CZK).

Both adults and children enjoy the game, thus the single rate. No reduced tariff is available.

It is a purely outdoor game, it does not include any visit to interiors.

The game includes the entrance to the underground at the end of the walk.

The game includes:

An English-speaking guide navigating you through the game.

The guide will meet you nearby the Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad) tram station. Use tram 22 or 23 to access the station. The guide will accompany you through the whole game, seeing you off near the Old Town Square.

The guide explains you the rules of the game and tells you the whole story.

The guide helps you navigate in the cryptic map.

The secret map

All players, children and adults alike, get the secret map at the beginning of the game.

Through symbols and stops, the map guides you through Prague to the place where the Golem may be hiding.

A surprise

A surprise awaits you in the underground at the end of the walk.

The price for the guided game In Search of Golem is 450 CZK per person.


SUNDAY 10. 7. 2022 from 1.30 PM

SUNDAY 17. 7. 2022 from 1.30 PM

SUNDAY 24. 7. 2022 from 1.30 PM

THURSDAY 28. 7. 2022 from 1.30 PM

Pick a date and book the game In Search of Golem.

You will receive detailed instructions about the meeting point approximately 12 hours before the game starts.

If you CANNOT attend the walk due to health difficulties (including quarantine), you may REBOOK your reservation.

We are looking forward to revealing the secrets hidden for almost 500 years together.


A pleasant walk with a lovely guide. Full of riddles and interesting stories. Perfect for schoolchildren, but for parents, too. I recommend the game to all curious guys :-).

The itinerary, knowledge of the guide, the map and the finale – all was presented in a captivating way. Truly thrilling and enriching for children.

My daughter and I were both excited. We learnt a lot and got introduced to the map navigation;).

The game was interesting and fun. All children and adults learnt many interesting details about the times of Rudolph II and monuments of the old Prague from the guide. We had a great time and really enjoyed it. For my grandchildren, it was the first introduction to the Hradcany neighbourhood, and the form suited their age perfectly. I was happy to find this walk on the Internet. Thanks to the organisers.

The plot and game mechanics are perfectly orchestrated, the game was thrilling, there were no weak moments. Very interesting and well-presented tales, nice finale. The young guide is not only nice and friendly, but what is more important, she knows how to catch attention and keep the audience engaged.

We really enjoy hunting for the Golem. One may think they know everything already and then they have the chance to see familiar places through a completely new perspective. In my assumption, the walk changed Prague in the eyes of all of us. After the walk, our elder children said they would go for it again immediately, which is more than a compliment if paid by adolescents:)). I was excited about new places and stories related to them. We enjoyed the game. Thank you!